A resource for amateur astronomers

SDSS Images - More than 2500 images of deep sky objects (mostly galaxies) from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Compare what you see in the eyepiece to the images, look for new objects to observe, or simply browse the images.

Observing Tips - Some tips on getting the most out of your observing experiences. How to stay comfortable and relaxed out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. Also a simple telescope fan installation guide and how to make an observing windscreen.

Cool Astronomy Files - MP3 Podcast "Space Walk Among the Stars" telescope observing guides, Database files, Asteroid Log, and various tips for getting your astronomy data organized. Only from Astronomerica.

Cats In Space - Astronomerica Exclusive! Finally, the shocking pictures that NASA never wanted you to see, on the Web for the first time!

Astronomerica Blog - NEW! Astronomerica goes interactive!