PAGE 1 - 0957+561A/B to APM08279+5255

0957+561A/B 0957+561A/B ("Twin Quasar")

0957+561A/B 0957+561A/B ("Twin Quasar" - detail)

17.0 mag; RA: 10h 01m 18.0s Dec: +5554'00" (UMA)

1E0754+394 1E0754+394 (quasar)

14.4 mag; RA: 07h 57m 59.9s Dec: +3920'27" (LYN)

2ZW74 2ZW74

14.2 mag; RA: 16h 00m 56.0s Dec: +1849'38" (HER)

3C273 3C273 (quasar)

3C273 Detail 3C273 (quasar - detail)

12.8 mag; RA: 12h 29m 06.8s Dec: +0203'07" (VIR)

3ZW66 3ZW66

12.3 mag; RA: 12h 27m 13.9s Dec: +1407'24" (COM)

7ZW220 (UGC 4280A) 7ZW220 (UGC 4280A) and MCG 10-12-103 (close, left, 15.6 mag), MCG 10-12-100 (above, 15.2 mag)

14.4 mag; RA: 08h 14m 45.9s Dec: +5757'43" (LYN)

7ZW480 7ZW480

17.5 mag; RA: 12h 42m 57.5s Dec: +6316'46" (UMA)

8ZW32 8ZW32

14.0 mag; RA: 00h 38m 32.0s Dec: -0906'31" (CET)

8ZW35 8ZW35

14.0 mag; RA: 00h 40m 07.7s Dec: -1025'32" (CET)

8ZW71 8ZW71

10.2 mag; RA: 10h 22m 34.6s Dec: +1342'50" (LEO)

8ZW188 8ZW188

14.3 mag; RA: 12h 29m 44.1s Dec: +1111'26" (VIR)

8ZW288 8ZW288 (PGC 46412) and PGC 46433 (bottom left, 15.2 mag)

14.3 mag; RA: 13h 19m 00.8s Dec: +0730'15" (VIR)

Abell 28 Abell 28 (planetary nebula)

14.6 mag; RA: 08h 41m 36.4s Dec: +5814'10" (UMA)

Abell 30 Abell 30 (planetary nebula)

15.6 mag; RA: 08h 46m 53.6s Dec: +1752'46" (CNC)

Abell 31 Abell 31 (planetary nebula)

12.2 mag; RA: 08h 54m 11.4s Dec: +0854'30" (CNC)

Abell 32 Abell 32 ("planetary nebula"- non-existent; actually was a flaw in the original photographic plate used for the catalog)

no mag; RA: 09h 16m 21.6s Dec: +0353'04" (HYA)

Abell 33 Abell 33 (planetary nebula)

Abell 33 (wide field) Abell 33 (planetary nebula) - wide field

13.4 mag; RA: 09h 39m 09.2s Dec: -0248'35" (HYA)

Abell 73 Abell 73 (planetary nebula)

17.4 mag; RA: 20h 56m 27.1s Dec: +5725'52" (CEP)

APM08279+5255 APM08279+5255 (quasar, z=3.87; one of the most distant and oldest things you'll ever see!)

APM08279+5255 APM08279+5255 (quasar - wide field)

15.2 mag; RA: 08h 31m 41.6s Dec: +5245'18" (LYN)