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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Triangle in the Sky

Yes, I did catch the Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunction last night. Only by luck, though. I had written off any chance of seeing it due to a very bad forecast, but caught it out the car window on the way home from work. I often ignore conjunctions, figuring what's the big deal about a couple of objects near each other in the sky. But each time I do observe one it really is something a little bit special. It's a bit like observing an asteroid in the telescope passing very close to a star. Doesn't seem like it would be much until you actually observe it.

I miss my asteroiding days down in Florida, but around here there just aren't enough clear nights, or consecutive clear hours to confirm a second position, to spend on these things with so much else out there. Spotting asteroids, however, is a great way to build your star-hopping skills and visit some out-of-the-way locations you wouldn't otherwise venture into (and I'm talking both in space and here on the ground, if you get into chasing occultation paths).


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