M13 and M92
Space Walk Among the Stars

Charts to accompany the MP3 guide.

Chart 1: Finding the "Keystone" of Hercules and globular clusters M13 and M92.

Chart adapted from Cartes du Ciel.

M13 propeller

Right: The propeller is discernible in the lower left quadrant of globular cluster M13 in this image with north up and west to the right. (Todd Gross)

Below: Globular cluster M13 (NGC 6205). NGC 6207 (11.7 magnitude) is the larger galaxy at the upper left (northeast of M13). The small galaxy between M13 and NGC 6207 is 15th magnitude IC 4617. The bright star at left is the 6.9 magnitude star mentioned in the MP3 guide. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey shows incorrect color as well as flares or spikes on brighter stars due to the imaging process. North is up, west is to the right. The image is 46 arcminutes wide.

M13, NGC 6207, and IC 4617

(Sloan Digital Sky Survey)

Below: The "other" Hercules cluster, M92. Not as famous as M13, but almost equally appealing. The scale is the same as the larger SDSS image of M13 above, for size comparison- 46 arcminutes wide. North is up, west is to the right. The image is cut off at upper left due to the SDSS imaging limits. The galaxy above and right of M92 is MCG 7-35-58 (PGC 59984, 15.3 magnitude). The galaxy at far upper right is MCG 7-35-55 (PGC 59938, 15.1 magnitude). The small round galaxy at the right edge below center is CGCG 225-83 (PGC 59931, 15.8 magnitude). These three galaxies will probably take a 12-inch or larger telescope and dark skies to see.


(Sloan Digital Sky Survey)

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