Owl Nebula and M108
Space Walk Among the Stars

Charts to accompany the MP3 guide.

Chart 1: Finding the general area in the sky.
This is something you don't see every day...point to Ursa Major to see a bear with a long tail!

Chart adapted from Cartes du Ciel.

Chart 2: Finder chart for the Owl Nebula and M108, starting at Merak. The chart is 2 degrees 48 minutes wide.

M97-M108 finder chart

Chart adapted from Cartes du Ciel.

Image: Spiral galaxy M108. North is up, west to the right. The image is 13 arcminutes wide by 10 arcminutes high. The dark line cutting across the western arm is an artifact of stitching SDSS images together.


(Sloan Digital Sky Survey)

Image: The Owl Nebula, M97. The 16th magnitude white dwarf responsible for this planetary nebula is in the center. North is 30 degrees clockwise from top (the star at top center is actually NNE of the nebula), west is below center right. The image is approximately 6.5 x 7 arcminutes, with the image sized to approximately the same scale as the M108 image for size comparison. The multiple shells can be seen easily in images but not visually. The distant 16th magnitude galaxy by the star at lower left is MCG 9-19-14 (PGC 34279).

Owl Nebula, M97

(Gary White and Verlenne Monroe/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF)

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