Rosette Nebula Space Walk Among the Stars

Charts to accompany the MP3 guide.

Chart 1: Finding the general area in the sky.
Okay, so Monoceros is supposed to be a Unicorn. A Unicorn? Point to it to see if a pterodactyl doesn't do nicely instead!

Chart adapted from Cartes du Ciel.

Chart 2: Finder chart for the UGC 3459 challenge. Warning! Don't attempt this galaxy at home (unless you live way out in the country and have a big telescope!).

UGC 3459

Chart adapted from Cartes du Ciel.

Image: The Rosette Nebula (NGC 2237 et al.) Hold cursor over the image to see objects from the MP3 space walk labeled. The line identifying the "seahorse" asterism is pointing to the double star mentioned in the MP3 guide. Note that South is up in this image, which is about 240' wide.

(Image by Oliver Stein (GFDL))